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Bulb Import Manager 


  • BIM is a program designed for Australian flower growers to take the headaches out of the need to track every imported bulb from the moment it arrives at the premises to the end of the life of the bulb when it is disposed of.
  • The program ensures the that every bulb is accounted for during the growing process until the moment of release by AQIS
  • Various reporting options allow the grower to be informed of bulb availability and location
  • A report which tracks the life of the bulb while it was in the growers possession can be generated for AQIS inspectors at the click of a button
  • A full Audit trail of each bulb can be printed at the click of a button for an AQIS audit. 

Version 3-ED94 Updated  September 2013


BIM Bulb Import Manager
Version 3-ED94
  • Download the installer
  • Run the installer
  • Follow the prompts and (click)
  • Select the appropriate install method
    Install or Update
  • .
  • Optional
    • ...Select an installation directory (if using a non default install)
  • Optional
    • The program requires the MS Access 2010 environment if you do not have access 2010 you need to install the  runtime environment,
      Install access 2010 to install the runtime environment
  • to complete the installation
  • Read to Bulb Import Manager Help File to assist with running the program and ordering a registration code
  • to send an email with any queries or comments to SIS: Strategic Information Services



Updating or Access 2010 Already installed


BIM Bulb Import Manager
Version 3-ED94 NoRT
(without Access Run Time

If you

  • Already installed BIM v2 and wish to update it
  • Have Access 2010 or higher installed
  • Wish to download access runtime 2010 separately

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Updated: February, 2014