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  • BIM : Bulb Import Management
    • BIM is a program designed for Australian flower growers to take the headaches out of the need to track every imported bulb from the moment it arrives at the premises to the end of the life of the bulb when it is disposed of.

  • IMP : Invoice Management Program
    • IMP is a program written to assist an an Flower wholesale businesses maintain accurate transaction records ensuring relevant knowledge relating to business transactions is readily at hand.

  • OPA : Osteopathic Practice Administration
    • A program developed to assist an osteopathic practice maintain accurate patient account and treatment records ensuring relevant knowledge relating to patients and  is readily at hand.

  • PKP : Process Knowledge Portal
    • PKP enables organisations to capture Information related to particular activities in a process.

  • TIM : Tree Inspection & Maintenance
    • TIM assists organisations to manage a large number of trees ensuring accurate records on the trees development by ensuring relevant knowledge relating to the trees and their inspection & maintenance schedules is readily at hand

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Updated: February, 2014